Enjoying DC

Best New Thing in my World today: The Container Store


I have many American friends back home who rave about Target. And I see why, I really do. But today I discovered something even more amazing.

I’ve arrived in DC with lots of “stuff” – papers, random things like that, many of which, despite their randomness, are actually quite important – and not really anywhere to put any of it. So imagine my delight when I discovered that there was a big shop just outside my university metro station called The Container Store. Now imagine my further delight when I browsed online and discovered pretty, matching stationery organisers.

And oh, there was so much more. Laundry baskets. Things for hanging necklaces. And super helpful staff. So helpful. So friendly. They even suggested that I take a cab home with all my stuff, and let me take the trolley outside to this end.

Because of course, by then I needed a trolley. I had matching document holders and boxes of various kinds, but more excitingly still I had a bookshelf. Not just any bookshelf. A folding bookshelf. That’s right, one that isn’t going to sit in a box for three weeks until I make friends with a boy who might want to help me build Ikea furniture.

The phrase emblazoned on their tshirts is “contain yourself”. I see now why that’s a necessary precaution.


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