Enjoying DC

Where I ate: Kramer Books and Afterwords Cafe

When you are meeting up with a friend for lunch in Dupont Circle, there’s a natural choice: Kramer Books. But this was a new friendship (as they all are for me right now) so I didn’t want to make any assumptions.

Turned out, though, that I could have gone right ahead and assumed. My new friend – who is as happy to geek out over books and linguistics as I am – was more than happy with the suggestion. But would there be a table outside – in the shade, no less – on a weekday lunchtime? Yes. Yes there would.

The service was impeccable. Regularly topped up ice cold water, and more than just an apology when there was no more of the Riesling that the menu suggested as an accompaniment to our food (I love how their menu does that): instead, we were offered a taste of the Chardonnay. An actual taste. A small pre-lunch drink, if you will. I was unconvinced, so I went for my usual Pinot Grigio – well, I’d tried to be adventurous, it wasn’t my fault they were out of Riesling! – and it turned out to be a good choice. Then again, I’ve never known Pinot Grigio to be a bad one.

I had a delicious chicken jerkImage salad which included ingredients like grilled fresh mango, toasted coconut, and aromatic island marinade. As salads go, it was just how I like them to be: vegetably enough to be a salad but substantial enough to be, you know, actually lunch. When there’s a menu full of good things, as is the case at Kramer Books, you really hope you’ve chosen the right thing. Well, I think we did, but I also think there’s plenty else I want to explore.

Plus, of course, when you’re done sipping refreshing ice-cold water on a hot DC day, there’s the bookshop to peruse… Bliss.

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