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travel, temperature, text


1. What’s almost as good as sitting next to a hot young Democrat on the plane? Sitting next to no-one. And then getting from plane to home in less than one hour. I love how easy travel is from here.

2. The temperature forecast for the next couple of weeks is in the mid-twenties range. This, apparently, is called “fall”, and maybe there’s a reason they don’t use the same word as us.

3. The text for tomorrow’s Fiction workshop is by Zadie Smith: although there is much we don’t have in common, she and I, I feel a certain kinship: it was rumoured that at King’s College my friend Alison lived in what had once been her room – right opposite what became mine. I have read, and will read, many American texts whose cultural references will baffle me or just elude me completely; it’s refreshing that for once, I’ll be the one in her own element.

Note: I posted this here by accident – it was supposed to go to my other blog,, in which I try to list three things for which I’m thankful each day. But I’m leaving this here as a little advert, should any of you be interested in following that one too. 


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