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Where I ate: Zest Bistro

I recently joined the American Airlines frequent flyer miles reward scheme called Aadvantage Dining. I had a month to pick a restaurant from their list and spend $30 there, in order to get 1,000 extra miles for my account. So when a friend wanted to meet me for brunch, it seemed to be the ideal opportunity to combine the two. (I also booked through OpenTable, which got me 100 of their points, and paid with my Bank of America credit card, which got me 1% back. This all seems a little too good to be true, though.)

She lives on Capitol Hill, which happens to be my favourite area of DC, and also where my Church meets (and where Aaron from my second novel, Primary Season, has an apartment.  Anyway.). So I looked for somewhere in that area, and Zest Bistro seemed to have the right kinds of thing on the menu. (I am a creature of habit, and while I am determined- well, sort of determined – to be more adventurous about food, and other things, while I am here, I did sort of want my usual bacon-and-eggs combination.)

It was a great choice, if I do say so myself. Not only was their latté delicious (and I am fussy), their service was smiley and polite – if perhaps over-eager, but I know I’m going to have to get used to that. The weather has cooled down, approximating a European summer (mid 20s), so it was the perfect weather for sitting by the open French windows, in the private-ish corner we’d requested. It wasn’t too busy, so we were able to linger over our food. Not that I lingered long – it was too delicious to leave on the plate for long. The bacon, in particular was perfect in its crispiness. I was bemused and amused to have been given fruit and I would gladly have eaten it if it had been on a separate side plate, since egg flavoured melon may not be the tastiest thing ever. Also bemusing was the mention of “homefries”, which turned out to be little squares of (sautéd? fried?) potatoes – I approved.

Definitely recommended. I’m going to go ahead and give it 8/10. And then when you’re finished, you can wander up 8th Street to Eastern Market, where you can buy everything from wire giraffes and fresh fruit to jewelry and prints of old adverts for a soap which would keep you looking youthful for your husband when he comes back for the war, so that you can look just as youthful as you did when he left. Anyway, I digress, mostly because I don’t trust myself to write another post on Eastern Market in the immediate future. Also, while you’re in the area, Capitol Hill Books is worth a visit – and that will definitely be getting its own post soon.

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