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Where I ate: Cashion’s Eat Place

On a a beautiful Sunday morning, what better place to spend an hour than at Cashion’s, in Adams Morgan, about 1 minute’s walk from my flat?

My friend got there just before 12 and managed to snag us an outside table, which was perfect for enjoying the sunshine and endlessly cooing about how amazing the weather is. (She’s Canadian, so she understands that tshirts in November is a wonderful thing.)

I didn’t fancy a  latté for some reason – my usual brunch beverage of choice – so I asked for a plain coffee. I regretted this almost immediately, since I often don’t like American filter coffee. But this time, it was definitely a hit rather than a miss. Yum. Just what I needed after a long night of post-election partying.

We both ordered the eggs-and-bacon combo: mine fried (or “sunny side up” as they say here), and runny just as I like it and had asked for, and hers poached (also runny, which she hadn’t asked for). The bacon was crisp, delicious and plentiful. I would have liked toast to mop up the egg – that was the only thing missing (well, aside from Cumberland sausage, but I have more or less resigned myself to this) – but the sautéed potaotoes were good, and I feel thoroughly satisfied now. The orange juice was tasty too and our charming waiter, Ben, brought me a (free?) refill of coffee.

The motto on their receipts: “Let’s go places and eat things”. Now there’s a mission I can get on board with.

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