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DC Places: Tryst

The other day I finally made it to Tryst, the trendiest of hangouts in the trendy neighbourhood that is Adams Morgan. And lest you suspect me of just calling it trendy because it happens to be where I live, I refer you to the introductory pages of The Rough Guide to Washington DC, which lists its restaurants and bars as one of the 21 things not to miss when visiting the city, on a par, with, say, the rare pandas (which are also roughly in this neighbourhood, but that’s another story).

It was darkish and atmospheric, with some people chatting and others working away on their laptops (don’t judge them, it was a Tuesday evening). I’d just been walking in the cold, so had a sudden craving for a mulled wine – which the waitress gladly provided. Alongside, I had a pecan pie – and that was an excellent choice. I mean, it was just delicious. Worth making the trip to 18th Street just for the pecan pie.

There were no seats, so we sat ourselves at the bar, and that worked fine, and enabled the waitress to easily replenish our glasses of wine and water. She was smiley and polite and – bonus points – spoke French to us when we left (after having no doubt listened in on the conversation we were having, thinking no one would understand. Oops.).

Seriously, people – the pecan pie. Go to Tryst.

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