Enjoying DC

Where I ate: L’Enfant Café

I’m on a sort of half-hearted mission to try all the restaurants on 18th street. I’m not sure exactly why it’s been half-hearted – I should remedy this. But tonight, my flatmate had a LivingSocial voucher for L’Enfant and it’s been a while since I had French food, so that sounded like a good option.

It was. We booked via OpenTable – so no wait. The place feels very French – I’m not exactly sure what it is – perhaps the wicker chairs, or the vintage posters like this one.


Kir was on the menu, and I can never resist a kir. And it wasn’t bad – it contained the right ingredients at least, unlike at Mintwood Place where they’d pretended to know and then fobbed me off with something like raspberry liqueur rather than cassis. It wasn’t the most delicious kir ever, but I was happy to be drinking it. 6.5/10, I’d say.

After much uming and ahing, I chose the roasted pork medallions, slow roasted with Dijon crème and asparagus fries. The asparagus fries were really just long and thin asparagus (which, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think it usually is anyway?) but it was cooked to perfection – not too crunchy, not too soft, so I certainly won’t complain. The pork was tender but the mustard was not in the least subtle – not necessarily a bad thing, depending how you feel about mustard. 7.5/10


But then, the dessert, Ohh, the dessert. Again, uming and ahing ensued. It was a foregone conclusion that I’d choose a crepe, but I did not anticipate such a wide choice of crepes. Nutella and banana is usually my go-to, but I decided to be brave and try something new: creme de cacao and white chocolate. And I did not regret that choice.  The crepe itself was fresh, hot off the grill and the perfect consistency. The flavouring was less heavy then my standard banana and Nutella choice, and so a good choice to round off a meal with something sweet, and it was delicious. In fact, in less polite company I might have licked the plate clean. As it was, I asked for a spoon and then scraped off more with my finger, to the amusement of Jared, our friendly waiter. (He hadn’t ever tried that flavour, so wasn’t able to recommend it – I’m guessing he can now.) 9/10 at least and that’s only because I never give 10s and therefore don’t really give 9.5s since that might as well be a 10. Yeah, I’m a complicated girl.


I have to figure out a way to eat crepes there more often.

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