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Three MORE reasons to watch “Trophy Wife”

BuzzFeed recently did an excellent post on why TrophyWife is a fab TV show, and I agree with all of their reasons. But as with all BuzzFeed posts – as, inevitably, with all lists  – some things were missing. So, if you need more reasons to start watching (and to vote for it in the People’s Choice awards), here are three.

1. The puns

There are some great one-liners on the show, but it is the puns which delight me most of all. I giggled at Pete’s Halloween costume – he was a “hung jury” – but Episode Seven (“The Date”) rocked the pun thing.

puns 1 puns 2 puns 3 puns 4puns 5

(Credit to @tweetingkerry for the GIFs.)

2. The facial expressions

This show has some great acting, and a lot of it is in the raised eyebrows and twisted mouths.

trophy wife halloween

3. Bradley Whitford

Maybe the BuzzFeed author thought this was too obvious to mention. But nonetheless, it is important. Vital, in fact.

Bradley Whitford is king of the aforementioned facial expressions – the scene where Meg comes out topless (yet, worry not, tastefully concealed) from the swimming pool shows how many things his face can do in a ridiculously short amount of time.

He’s funny.

His character is likeable despite his sometimes-cluelesness, bringing to mind his most famous and most beloved role, which I had promised myself I wouldn’t reference in this post, but, oh well, too late now. Pete loves his kids, loves his wife, and isn’t as rude to his ex-wives as they often deserve. This is a good guy. (But not, thankfully, the kind of Good Guy who sports a pot belly and a porn stache. Thank you, ABC, for casting him in a role that makes use of his charm.)

Because he is also, oh c’mon, let’s all admit it, still hot.

brad in trophy wife

2 thoughts on “Three MORE reasons to watch “Trophy Wife”

  1. Just for the record (though I know I’m in the vast minority here), Dan Stark had his own charm. It was Foghat loving, gum chewing, horribly dressed charm, but charm nonetheless.

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