Claire’s Week in Books: 28th Sept – 4th Oct

My biggest book news is really life news. My little novel goes out on submission from my agent to editors this week! Eek. I’m excited, nervous, terrified, and getting ready for another round of the emotional roller coaster I am familiar with from my agent-querying days (are those really behind me? Still seems too good to be true!).

But in other book news, and borrowing from Book Riot’s Inbox/Outbox/In The Queue model, here’s what I’ve been up to this week.


ally hughesAlly Hughes Has Sex Sometimes, by Jules Moulin

I logged into my Audible account to check if they had Ferrante – they do, of course they do, what was I thinking? – and it warned me I was about to lose a credit. Audio book buying is a complex thing these days – I used to first check whether Scribd had it, then if they didn’t and I still really wanted it, I’d go to Audible. But since Scribd have switched to a one-audiobook-per-month model, that makes the calclulations a lot more complicated.

The Ferrante book are hours and hours long, and I suspect I would enjoy these more as a physical book anyway, so I went in a completely different direction. I heard about this one on the All The Books! podcast, the weekly show of “news and enthusiasm” about that week’s new books by Rebecca Schinsky and Liberty Hardy of Book Riot. Rebecca loved it. She says, among other things, that the pacing is perfect. She also says that Jules Moulin used to write for The West Wing, so, you know – there’s no chance I’m leaving this one on the metaphorical shelf. It’s the “hilarious and heartbreaking” story of a mother and daughter who both fall for the same guy, and it’s also about a long-lost love reappearing in someone’s life – this is what Book Riot calls my genre kryptonite, the thing I can’t resist reading about (or one of them, at least). It’s also one of the things I love to write about.


Drama, by Raina Telgemeierdrama

I surprised myself last week by spontaneously picking up a graphic novel at Strand Books. Crucial to my decision was probably its purple cover – and look at it, so cute! It’s about middle school theatre nerds, and I loved it! I really enjoyed the illustrations. My one quibble: if you’re going to have identical twins in the story, maybe help your reader out by distinguishing their names more completely? But that’s such a tiny nitpick. This was a delight, and a fun, easy read. Plus, I loved the ending, but I can’t say why without spoiling it. #BookNerdProblems and all that.


remember meSo many! My queue keeps growing. This week I’ll be binge reading Remember Me LIke This a 2014 New York Times Notable Book, so I can write about it for work. From what I’ve seen about it and the few pages I’ve read so far, it’s a literary thriller with emotional resonance about a boy who goes missing from a family and what happens when he is found.

In the Unlikely Event, by Judy BlumeIn the unlikely event

I have also been reading Judy Blume’s In The Unlikely Event for far too long now – I started a couple of months ago, then realised that a book whose plot is centred around plane crashes maybe wasn’t the best thing for anxiety-prone me to read before flying to the West Coast and back. I’m back in the swing of it now – mostly listening to it (thanks, Scribd) – and enjoying it. There are a few too many characters to my liking – I have trouble keeping them all straight – but it’s very engaging. And nobody, nobody writes teenage love like Judy Blume.

3 thoughts on “Claire’s Week in Books: 28th Sept – 4th Oct

  1. This is such an amazing post. I really love your blog so much and in turn cannot stop reading all of your posts. Please don’t ever stop writing, I love your posts too much!

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