Claire’s Week in Books: 11th – 18th October 2015

My reading slump continues to dog me, but at least this week I’ve written about books, even if I haven’t read them all that much.

4 x 4: ways to get an agent and what’s great about having one

IMG_3506My first even Book Riot post! I am so excited, and even more excited that I got to write about one of my very favourite books.

Political campaign novels

chocolate warsBooks about chocolate

And, most excitingly! The List App. It’s better than Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. It’s the best new app/social network ever. And I’ve written some bookish lists – including one about podcasts, which got featured. Achievement unlocked. Come and join me! I’m BookishClaire over there.

As to what I’m reading…


God is Closer Than You Think, by John Ortberg 

I’ve read this before, eleventeen times, but it’s a great refresher – easy to read and full of soul feeding truth .

What do You Think of Me? Why do I care? Answers to the Big Questions of LIfe, by Edward T Welch

A brand new (to me) book given to me by a lovely friend at Church. I think this, too, is going to do me good.


Shamefully empty.


I started reading Bret Anthony Johnston’s Remember Me Like This for work purposes, but I really want to finish it now! It starts where many novels about disappearing teenagers end: Justin comes home. And the family readjusts. Or not. It’s psychologically insightful, and beautifully written in places, but also quite dense so I’m finding it hard to wade through at the moment. Could be just me, though. It probably is. The author, by the way, was incredibly gracious and giving of his time when I interviewed him for my piece.

remember me

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