Claire’s Week in Books: 18th to 25th October

It’s all happening in my book world! My novel is on submission with editors; I’ve become an official Book Riot contributor; I’m frantically making as many book related lists as I can on The List App, and I’m even reading a little too!


diabetes with owlsLet’s Talk about Diabetes with Owls, by David Sedaris

I really enjoyed David Sedaris’ Me Talk Pretty One Day when I read it in Belgium years ago. I was teaching languages then, and his stories about learning French spoke to me on a deep level. And I loved this quote: Paris, it turns out, is where I have come to dream about America, not least because that was exactly what had happened, completely unexpectedly, with me and Brussels. I wasn’t sure how much I’d enjoy hear him speak – I’m not a huge fan of most comedians – but when my friend asked if I wanted to come and see him with her, I thought I’d give it a go. So glad! He was fun and smart and it was great being part of the test audience for some of his new material.

Family Life, by Akhil Sharmafamily life

Sedaris gave the first few minutes of his time on stage to Akhil Sharma, an author whose novel he’d blurbed. At first, I thought, oh how lovely of him to help a struggling new author! Turns out, Sharma’s not exactly struggling – his book was named one of the ten best by The New York Times in 2014. But I really enjoyed the few minutes we got of him, and so when the offer was made to bump us to the top of the Sedaris signing queue if we bought his Family Life , my friend and I took him up on it.

thirteen ways of lookingThirteen Ways of Looking, by Colum McCann

The next day, I was back in another signing queue, this time at Politics and Prose for Colum McCann. I love his so writing so much that I wrote a scene in my novel in which the characters disucss Let The Great World Spin – one of my all time favourites. I got to tell him that, too. I have heard great things about Thirteen Ways of Looking – unsurprisingly – and I’m looking forward to reading this. I’m also quite excited about it being a novella and three short stories, because I’m having trouble finishing novels at the moment.

DC Trip, by Sara Benincasadc trip

While I was waiting for the Colum McCann signing queue to go down, I wandered around the store, and scared some fellow customers by squealing “That’s not supposed to be out yet!” when I spotted Sarah Benincasa’s DC Trip on the shelves. I’be been looking forward to it for months – it’s about a group of schoolkids who come to DC on a school trip – and since it’s not out as an ebook yet, I sprung for the hardback. Which is probably better anyway since that way I will have something for her to sign when she does her event at Busboys and Poets on publication day. I’ve read half of it already – in two days – which is fast going for me


Still shamefully empty…


So many. So many. Starting to despair that I will ever finish another book. Thank goodness for DC Trip, which has temporarily yanked me out of my reading slump.

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