Claire’s Week in Books, 7th to 14th March

This book landed in my inbox this week.

The Brothers, by Stephen Kinzer

The Brothers

The idea was to review or excerpt it alongside The Devil’s Chessboard, which I wrote about last week and is also related to the murky history of the Dulles brothers. (I have to say, now that I know a little bit about it, I feel dirty taking the plane from an airpot which emphatically should not have been named after Allen Dulles. Still at least it’s a terrible airport, I suppose, so not much of a tribute.)

I don’t know if I’m going to end up writing about this book for the magazine or its website, because there were some crossed wires between the publisher, the publicist, and me. Sending me a free book does increase the odds of that exponentially, though, but it’s very likely I won’t ever read this cover to cover.



My outbox fare could not be more different, in genre or in enjoyment level.

One True Loves, by Taylor Jenkins Reid

One True Loves

I’ve followed Taylor Jenkins Reid and read all of her novels since I loved her début in 2013, Forever, Interrupted. I started reading it on the plane to California – and it made for great travel reading, which not all books do – so, given I was flying out there again and my ereader was loaded with the ARC for her latest, I decided to re(ahem)kindle the tradition. I knew a bit about the storyline and I was looking forward to letting it lead me though an emotional journey involving old love and new love, grieving and putting the past behind you. What happens when the husband you loved and thought was dead comes back into your life just as you are deliriously happy with someone else? I read this in three days, which for me is fast, especially when there’s no beach involved. (I did plan for the involvement of a beach, but alas, the Los Angeles weather wasn’t cooperating.) It was a page turner and an easy read and I felt invested in the characters and their outcomes – the author did an excellent job of leading me through the emotional arc without making me feel manipualted. Highly recommend this one for your summer holidays – it’s out on 12th June.

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