Introducing The List App Book Club

You might know me by my now as “that blogger who’s obsessed with The List App”. You wouldn’t be wrong. I discovered the app on the day it went public – 14th October 2015, a day that will go down as momentous in my personal social media history – and immediately wrote a post about it for Book Riot. Essentially, it’s Twitter meets Instagram meets blogging: a place to share thoughts and recommendations on anything from The Small Parts I’ve Played in the Lives of Famous Men to The Awesomeness That Is the Tuscon Festival of Books to What I imagine the Presidential Candidates Eat for Breakfast.

BJ and me
Gratuitous picture of BJ Novak and me, taken at Politics and Prose at his book signing for One More Thing.

From early on, it also became a place where bookish people could find each other. Some of the first users included the Strand Bookstore as well as a ton of authors. The app was the brainchild of BJ Novak, who, in addition to having great acting skills, is a fantastic author, so it’s no surprise that readers and writers have felt so welcome there.

But now The List App is taking its bookishness to a whole new level: it’s launched a book club. Click here to read more.

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