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Genre Kryptonite: Political Campaign Novels

The Wrong Side of RightIn the summer of 2009, I fell in love with the English language and American politics at the same time. I have Aaron Sorkin’s The West Wing to thank for that. As a child and pre-teen, I read voraciously and wrote prolifically, but when we moved to England and my mother tongue, French, began to rust, so did my love of language. Sorkin convinced me that English could be elegant. He also showed me how exciting – how glamorous, how romantic – politics could be. Or could, at least, appear.


Party LinesSo it’s no surprise that I love reading about campaigns. YA, romance, chick lit, non-fiction: you name it, I’ll read it. I love the high stakes, the idealism or the cynicism of the characters, and their high energy. I love the sense of danger, too: the sleep-deprived, ambition-fuelled, approval-craving characters always seem to be a hair’s breadth away from catastrophic mistakes. And those mistakes can spell disaster not only for their own careers but, in their views, for the country, which may end up voting for the “wrong” person as a result of their missteps.


Sammy's HillSo if you’re as excited as I am that primary season is here again, or if you prefer to take refuge in fictional politics, or if you just want to spend some time with interesting characters, here are some books for you to enjoy.

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