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Dear Publishing Industry, Please Make These Memoirs Happen

Dear Publishing Industry,

I hope you’re well. Thanks for everything you’ve done for me so far; I don’t want you to think me ungrateful. But would you like more of my dollars? I suspect that you would, so here’s an easy way to get some of them. I live in hope that some of the people who most intrigue me will write a memoir one day. You can make it happen! Dollars for you, joy for me. Everyone wins.

ObamasMalia and Sasha Obama

I am so, so curious about what it’s like to grow up in the White House, and there’s no-one I’d rather have tell me about it than the Obama daughters, since our years in DC have overlapped and I feel a kinship with them.


2006 Summer TCA Day 12
Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Bradley Whitford

Little-known fact outside the deepest recesses of the West Wing fandom: Bradley Whitford, as well as brilliantly playing Josh Lyman, also wrote a couple of episodes, one in Season Six and one in Season Seven. They happen coincidentally (or not) to be two of my favourite post-Sorkin episodes. He’s smart and well-read (that’s another post for another day) and a great writer. And who doesn’t want as much behind-the-scenes West Wing geekery as they can get?

Aaron SorkinAaron Sorkin

Speaking of Sorkin, it’s a miracle I’ve got this far down the list without mentioning how desperately I want to read his memoir. I want to know everything about how he came to be such a great writer – and I’m so curious about the Sorkinisms, as to whether the themes that come up again and again are actually themes from his own life.

I asked other Book Riot contributors whose memoirs they would like to read, and you can read what they said here.

Your call, Publishing Industry.

Yours in excited anticipation,




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