My New Year’s Reading Resolutions


Happy 2017!

New year, same me, but there’s always something in my reading life I want to improve on. How about you?


Read as much as I can.

Usually, that’s somewhere around fifty books a year, and that’s the target I’ve set myself on Goodreads. But I would, of course, love it to be more — there are just so many books I want to get to — and if it’s a little less, that’s okay too, as long as it’s not because I’ve wasted all my potential reading hours on social media.

Read British books.

Last year I read a big fat zero of them, and I’m so ashamed of myself. I’ve unwittingly become the thing I judge Americans for being: US-centric. Now that I’m staying in the US longer term, I need to be doubly careful about keeping my distinctive British voice and not forgetting words like marvelous and snogging.

Keep up to date with the UK book scene.

Watch this space for a project that may result from this…

Read more backlist.

aka, books that came out before this year. I love new books, and what with my Book of the Month membership and being a Book Riot contributor, I find out and get excited about new books all the time. But the thing is: sometimes new books turn out to have been overhyped. Sometimes it’s nice to go back and read books that have stood the test of even a year or two.

Read in French

I’m half French, but my French is severely rusty. Reading in French — technically my mother tongue — takes a bit more effort than reading in English does these days, but it’s important to keep that part of my brain ticking over. And French books can be very different from UK and US books, and that’s refreshing.

Read at least one book in Spanish too.

Once upon a time, I was fluent in Spanish, and I still am, though fluent with mistakes and pauses. Sigh. I want to read some nice easy fiction in Spanish just to reactivate those parts of my cerebral cortex that may have gone to sleep these last few years.

Blog more.

Ah, yes. The eternal renewal of commitment to this space. At the very least I promise to let you know how all of these resolutions went.




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