8 British YA Novels To Smuggle Across the Pond in 2017


Okay, everybody relax. When I say smuggle, I mean it in the completely legal sense. It does feel like a bit of an underground mission to find British books in the US sometimes, particularly if you’re fussy about the original covers and the authentic spellings and idioms that get changed for an American market. And that’s for the lucky books that make it over to an American publishing house at all — many don’t until they’ve proven their popularity or won a prize or a place on a longlist, and many never do at all.

Help is at hand, though, if you’re willing to be patient — offer free postage for books from any country, though they’re not, seemingly, ever in any hurry to get them to you. If you’ve got some spare dollars burning a hole in your pocket, you can get Brit lit from, where prices are often ridiculously low but the postage costs can be prohibitive. Meanwhile, have books from any country with free postage (and, if you care about such things, are not, unlike, owned by Amazon). I have no experience of how fast their service is, but it’s safe to say it’s unlikely to be slower than Book Depository’s.

Here are some great-sounding YA books I’ll be looking out for in 2017. Do any of them take your fancy?

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