8 Novels Crossing the Pond in 2017


Sometimes, it takes a while for British books to make it across the Pond. There’s a variety of reasons for that — I’ve yet to get to the bottom of all of them, but if I had to guess I’d say that it has to do mostly with two things. Firstly, the the logistics of publishing, with different imprints buying the book and having to fit it into their publishing and publicity schedules. Secondly but not necessarily of less importance, it’s highly likely that with some books American imprints wait to see if there’s enough interest in them in the UK — places on prize longlists, bestseller status — for them to “risk” taking a chance on the American market.

These eight books all made the grade — though they’re not all by British writers, they were all published in the UK last year, and are coming to the US in 2017.

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