Help me make more Brit Lit things!

Brit Lit Blog high def

My main book blogging project this year has been compiling the Brit Lit blog. Every weekday, I summarise what’s happening in the world of British books and publishing. It’s been fun, and rewarding, and my to-be-read pile has grown exponentially.

I’d love to expand the Brit Lit blog. I’d love to spend more time bringing you news and views from the British book world, like:

  • A weekly post of new books out
  • A monthly post of notable books to look out for
  • The chance to ask for — and get — specific recommendations on a topic, and to ask questions like “if I like this American author, which British author should I try?”
  • A weekly roundup of podcast episodes
  • A weekly roundup of reviews from major blogs and other publications

If this sounds fun to you, good news! You can help. I’ve started a Patreon. Patreon is kind of like a Kickstarter, but instead of contributing to a specific project, you provide ongoing support to the person behind the project, in exchange for exclusive content — like those weekly and monthly new books posts. You can contribute for as little as $1 per month, and when I hit $50/month of donations, I’ll introduce Saturday Suggestions: weekly recommendation from the British backlist.

Find out more at — and please tell your friends!

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